Web Ambassador

Web Ambassador Report Images Referring Physicians

Referring physicians can easily gain access to their patient’s reports and exam images through Web Ambassador – provided by IMI via a secure, HIPAA compliant connection.

If you are a physician and you do not already have access to Web Ambassador and would like access or more information about the program, please click on the link below.

ZDA – Zero Download Access

bullet_arrow_trans Click here for the online Zero Download Access Tutorial

bullet_arrow_trans Online Request for Web Ambassador Access

Downloadable request forms are available by clicking on the link below.

bullet_arrow_trans Downloadable Web Ambassador Request Forms

If you already have login credentials for Web Ambassador, click on the link below to download the program.

bullet_arrow_trans Download Web Ambassador Client (Windows installation – 42MB – 15 Minutes @ 256Kb/s)

To quickly learn how to navigate through Web Ambassador, download the quick start guide by clicking on the link below.

bullet_arrow_trans Download Web Ambassador Quick Start Guide (Adobe PDF File)

bullet_arrow_trans Direct Provider Access (DR Reports and Images)