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Getting Through an MRI When You Have Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is characterized as a fear of dark or confined spaces but people also describe this as a fear of being trapped without a way out. Usually, there is a fear of suffocation or a fear of restriction associated with this phobia as well. It affects around 9% of the US population according to the […]

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No-Stress Imaging

When you or your loved one is unwell and requires some form of imaging, whether that be an x-ray, CT scan, ultrasound or MRI, there can be a measure of stress you feel when going in for these tests. For you to require imaging at all, the fear and worry surrounding the reasons for the […]

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Cardiac MRI: Love Your Heart

Cardiac MRI: When you were young, you listened to your heart when it came to finding your true love. When you became an adult, you followed your heart when you decided to marry the love of your life. And when your twosome became a family, your heart overflowed with more love than you could have […]

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Large-Bore MRI | Our New MRI Scanner Is More Comfortable Than Ever.

An MRI is something that most people have to have at some point during their lives. For some, it’s a relatively easy experience that is over quickly and gives them the answers they need. For others, just thinking about the process involved elicits feelings of anxiety. If you are in need of an MRI, and […]

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