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Lung Cancer – Could You Be At Risk?

The answer is “yes”, if you’ve smoked heavily or have smoked for many years.  The simple fact is that smoking puts you at risk even if you no longer smoke or do not have any symptoms. HOW CAN I BE PROACTIVE WITH MY HEALTH? Intermountain Medical Imaging, in partnership with Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, now […]

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Surprise! You can save on the cost of medical imaging!

You might have noticed lately that the conversations surrounding healthcare are much about changes in helping individuals understand how to best manage their own health. Quality of care has always been of utmost importance to both medical experts and, of course, you. Helping you manage the costs of your quality healthcare is one of the […]

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3T MRI — Benefits to the patient.

At Intermountain Medical Imaging, we encourage our patients to be educated consumers of healthcare, and ask questions about their options before determining where to have their imaging exam performed.  A recent question posed by a potential patient is the perfect example… Q: My Doctor ordered an MRI on my left shoulder. I am too claustrophobic for traditional machines. Do […]

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Radiation in Imaging; What you should know.

  At Intermountain Medical Imaging, we are constantly fielding questions from concerned patients (and provider offices) about the radiation associated with certain imaging porcedures. How is it measured? How does it affect me (or my patients)? How do I know I am (they are) in good hands? At IMI, we feel education is the key to making […]

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Have a Question?

Have a question about medical imaging? We hope that this blog will have an answer to it. If not, please send us an email. Although we can’t reply to all emails personally, you may see your question posted on the IMI Facebook page or IMI blog in the future. If you’re looking for medical advice, […]

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