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Cardiac MRI: Love Your Heart

Cardiac MRI: When you were young, you listened to your heart when it came to finding your true love. When you became an adult, you followed your heart when you decided to marry the love of your life. And when your twosome became a family, your heart overflowed with more love than you could have […]

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Radiology Technologist: What is a rad tech and why does it matter?

What is a radiology technologist and why does it matter? “The staff makes you feel like you are special and that is something you don’t find everywhere. Thank you!” —IMI Patient National Radiologic Technology week took place over the week of November 6-12, and while all of us at IMI were excited about it and […]

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Large-Bore MRI | Our New MRI Scanner Is More Comfortable Than Ever.

An MRI is something that most people have to have at some point during their lives. For some, it’s a relatively easy experience that is over quickly and gives them the answers they need. For others, just thinking about the process involved elicits feelings of anxiety. If you are in need of an MRI, and […]

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Nurses Make the World Go Round!

“The whole process was amazing, and I had the most caring and attentive nurses that a person could ever want.” —IMI Patient  At IMI, it’s not uncommon for nurses to be seen as the people who take care of the minor details that happen between very important exams and procedures. What few realize is that […]

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Position Statement on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Gem State Radiology, the radiology group for Intermountain Medical Imaging, is in full support of this position paper re Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and it’s importance as part of the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. ____ IDAHO STATE RADIOLOGY SOCIETY POSITION STATEMENT DIGITAL BREAST TOMOSYNTHESIS The Idaho State Radiological Society is a state chapter of […]

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Don’t Let Claustrophobia Keep You From Getting the MRI You Need

One of the top 10 phobias, approximately 8 million people suffer from the fear of confined spaces known as claustrophobia. It can create feelings of pressure on your chest as well as make it difficult to breathe when you find yourself in a tight space like an elevator or a closet. If you are a […]

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Ultrasounds Can Show You More Than You Think

Ultrasound imaging is most famously used for taking a peek at developing babies while they are still in the womb, but did you know it’s also an excellent and safe diagnostic tool to use in other parts of your body also? Employing the use of sound waves, ultrasound exams provide real-time imaging without the risks […]

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CT Lung Screening at Intermountain Medical Imaging – UPDATED CRITERIA

Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the U.S. Most cases occur with no symptoms. If detected early, over 80% of the lung cancer deaths could be prevented. CT Lung Screening is one of the easiest screening exams a patient can have. It’s quick and easy, completely painless and results in a minimal amount […]

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Breathe Easier With a CT Lung Screening

CT imaging allows many types of cancers to be caught and treated early, including cancer in your lungs. If you meet any of the following criteria, we recommend visiting with your primary care provider to see if CT Lung Screening is right for you.

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