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What is a Myelogram?

While diagnostic imaging can help detect a variety of injuries and chronic medical conditions, problems with the back or spine can pose unique challenges. At Intermountain Medical Imaging, myelography is one of the tools we use to address this issue. A myelogram allows for imaging of neural structures inside the spinal canal at the same […]

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ACR Accreditation: What It Means and Why It Matters

Medical imaging plays a vital role in protecting your health. Whether it involves identifying and diagnosing an injury or illness or monitoring the progress of treatments you have received, procedures such as MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds or x-rays provide valuable insights to your physicians. At Intermountain Medical Imaging, our team of highly skilled radiologists […]

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Dynamic Pelvic MRI

The pelvic region encompasses a series of bones, muscles, and ligaments at the lower part of the trunk, which are crucial to a variety of bodily functions. Within the pelvis, the pelvic floor stretches between the pubic bone and the spine, acting as a sling to support organs such as the bladder, rectum, uterus, and […]

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The Benefits of a Large-Bore MRI

When injuries, illnesses, and chronic health issues leave you in pain or discomfort and suffering from a variety of symptoms, there are new and advanced tools today that can be used to help diagnose and treat your condition. At Intermountain Medical Imaging (IMI), we ushered in a new era in state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and services […]

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What is an Arthrography?

Are you dealing with significant joint pain or other unexplained joint problems? If so, arthrography may be able to provide you with some answers. Through this type of advanced medical imaging, physicians can get the information that they need to evaluate and diagnose specific joint-related conditions. Patients who could benefit from arthrography, also known as […]

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NeuroQuant: Alzheimer’s disease

On average, people can expect to live beyond 71—roughly five years longer than life expectancy in 2000. While this is good news, as the human lifespan expands we expect to see an increase in Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most unfortunate afflictions of aging. This brain-shrinking illness has emerged as one of the world’s biggest […]

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What is a MRV

If you are at all familiar with medical imaging you may have heard of a variety of procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, if you have recently been told that you need a magnetic resonance venography (MRV), you may not be familiar with the term. While like the MRI, the MRV doesn’t use […]

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Top 30 Medical Imaging Blog

Intermountain Medical Imaging was recently selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Medical Imaging Blogs on the web! If you’re looking for great information on medical imaging feel free to refer to our award-winning Intermountain Medical Imaging Blog. Looking for more information? Click on one of the categories below: 3T MRI, CT Lung Screening, Interventional Radiology, Medical Imaging, MRI, Neuroradiology, Nursing, Radiation, Radiology, Ultrasound, X-Ray

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What is Neuroradiology?

If you’ve recently been told that you need a neuroradiology exam, you may feel confused and a little scared. Medical terminology can often make simple, non-invasive procedures sound intimidating and even frightening. As you may have guessed from the sound of the name, neuroradiology is a practice that focuses on the nervous system and uses […]

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