Health Companion FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions About On-Line Access to Your Medical Imaging Results

What is Health Companion®?

Questions About Health Companion?

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Health Companion FAQs

It’s a secure, long-term personal electronic health record (EHR) free to you and your family provided through your connection with Gem State Radiology and affiliated imaging locations such as Intermountain Medical Imaging, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center facilities and West Valley Medical Center.

Is my information secure and confidential?

Yes, Health Companion® employs technology and methods to keep your information as secure and confidential as possible. It’s your health record, and you control it. Your information is not shared without specific direction from you.

What if I don’t see my personal health information when I log-in?

Try again in a day or two. A general summary of your visit should be available within 48 hours of your imaging appointment and an imaging report in four days. We are continuously improving and expanding the turnaround time and information available through Health Companion®.

Will I receive my full patient record?

Imaging reports typically are available four days following your examination. Occasionally, some reports will take longer before being available through Health Companion®.   All reports are provided directly to the ordering healthcare provider. You should discuss your imaging results and any concerns directly with your healthcare provider.

Can anyone sign up for Health Companion®?

Anyone can sign up by going to:

You can also add family members, or invite friends too.

What if I don’t want to register with Health Companion®?

If you choose not to complete your registration, your personal access to the information expires within 30 days. If you change your mind at any time, call our help desk at (208) 954-8080 or contact us by email at:

Where do I find my imaging results when I access the Health Companion® website?

After accessing the Health Companion website at, you will be prompted through the following steps.

First Time User:

  1. Enter PIN provided
  2. Enter name and date of birth
  3. Enter verification code as requested
  4. Indicate agreement of terms and confirmation of identity
  5. Establish a user ID and password that is created by you. ( Example of user ID: the first 4 letters of your first name and the first 4 letters of your last name)
  6. Complete 3 individual security questions. Record answers, password and user name on the provided form and keep for your future records.

You will then be prompted to re-login. This will direct you to the home page of Health Companion®. The main page will display your most recent updated “Electronic Health Information Transfers” of your recent visit/imaging results. Select “view” next to the record to access.

Additional Questions?

Email us @ or call us at (208) 954-8080.